Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 2 (the day before I leave)

Hello World! (Get it?)

I leave the MTC tomorrow.... It has gone so fast. There's only two people left from my zone. That's Elder Clark and I. Everybody else left for Hawaii this morning. It's so strange to be the only two left. Our district has become really close over the last two weeks, so it was sad to see them all leave. I've been getting these moments all the time where I realize that I will be in Washington extremely soon. It's scary, but at the same time, I feel ready to go. I have been prepared very well. Our two teachers, Brother Godfrey and Sister Madrid, have been the best teachers I could have hoped for. They are so confident and invite the Spirit every time they teach. 

Speaking of teaching, both the investigators I have been teaching agreed to be baptized! It's a pretty great feeling to hear that, even if one of them is my teacher, and the other one is being paid to be an investigator. Teaching has become easier and easier every day. As we practice and learn how to let the Spirit guide the lesson, I can feel the investigators and myself coming closer to Christ.

Elder Clark and I went through the temple again today. I'm going to miss not having the opportunity to go every week. I'll still be able to go while I'm on my mission, probably just not as much.

I want to hear how everyone is doing! Write me letters, send me email. I'll try to get back to everyone individually. I wish everyone the best!

Love, Elder Plehn

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