Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Temple Trip, Baptism, and dog bite! :)

Hey Everyone!

Sorry this is on Tuesday. I forgot to mention last week that our temple trip was today, which means our P-day was moved. 

This week has been super eventful. We had the opportunity to go to the temple earlier today. It was wonderful. I love going, and I wish we could go more often.

Brian was baptized and confirmed this week! Brian is one amazing man. He is the happiest guy I know right now. He is on cloud nine. It's been so cool to work with him and help him along. 

And I got bit by a dog! I am really, really, really sorry, but I left the cord that I need to upload pictures. It's pretty nasty... :) But I'll be fine. I just have a few holes in my leg(s). :) Brian actually asked me to baptize him, but I got bit the day before, and the doctor said I shouldn't get it wet, so Elder Brinkerhoff baptized him and I confirmed him. 

Have a great week! :)
Elder Plehn
PS: In case you can't tell, we barely have any time to email this week, so I'll write a longer one next week with pictures. (Later he sent these photos from his companion's camera.)

Monday, March 9, 2015


Hey everyone!

So, we have had some very, very cool things happen. I've been in Yakima for almost a month now. When I got here, this area was pretty dead. But now, we have a baptism this Saturday, and another one scheduled for next week. And please don't think that I'm saying that because I think I'm so great, and that I did so much. I'm saying it because I know that Heavenly Father rewards us when we are trying our hardest to improve and to do His will. 

Brian, the person getting baptized on Saturday, is awesome. He has completely stopped drinking, is paying his tithing, has come to church every week I've been here, and has an incredible testimony. Right before I got here, he had failed his baptismal interview the day before his baptism. He just was not ready. But now he is. He is absolutely incredible. He has completely changed his life, and is now ready to make a sacred covenant with God. 

We have had a lot of cool, small miracles. Like locking ourselves out of our apartment, and only being able to get in because we left a window unlocked the night before when Elder Brinkerhoff burned our pizza. :) And other cool things like that. God is very aware of our lives, and He can take an active role, but only when we ask Him to. 

Have a great week!
Elder Plehn