Monday, July 13, 2015

Hayden was baptized!

Hayden was baptized!!!!!!! Elder Malcolm and I have had so much fun teaching him. He is super humble, and read to follow His Savior. We've had a great week. We found two fantastic new investigators, we had a baptism (always a good thing) and had a great time at church. And it's cooling down!! It's only in the 90's! :) Which is actually really nice. Last week ago, I was saying thank goodness that it's only 100 degrees. :)  

I've been thinking a lot about how the Savior is always ready and willing to reach out to us, even if we are not reaching out to him. No matter what we can do wrong, he'll always be there to help us. And all we have to do to receive his help is to be obedient. It's as simple as that. :) Just ask your self what could possibly be worth turning down exaltation and salvation for. If you do that, you will be happy, because you will be doing the Father's will. That's what the Savior did, and what he asks us to do.

Love, Elder Plehn

Hayden with his dad (who's on date for the 1st of August) and his grandpa
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Yellow watermelon. Weird. But delicious.
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And I love to see the temple... Which happens to be across the parking lot from our stake center. Which is a mile and a half from our normal church building. It's like Utah here. :) 
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The best welcome sign ever. And Elder Malcolm just happened to be wearing his whale tie. Too perfect. :)
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