Monday, October 13, 2014

Finally some photos

Hey Everyone!

We almost had a baptism on Saturday! We actually chose to delay it so that we could have two baptisms on the same day. So now we have a double baptism for the 25th. I'm excited. 

I have a new companion now. His name is Elder Asplund, and he's awesome. I'm excited to learn from him. 

I have pictures! Finally. 
This is our apartment and our car. Missionaries are so spoiled when it comes to cars.... We get a 2014 Subaru Legacy.

​Picture of Elder Schoenberger.

A funny missionary picture that's applicable... Just kidding. Kind of. ;)

This is my family tree. I'm going to have to find out the other half now that I have a step-dad (2nd trainer)

​I love you all! The church is true! Don't forget to write! (See above picture :) )
Love, Elder Plehn

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