Monday, November 10, 2014

3 Months!!

Hello everyone!
As of this Wednesday, I will have been on my mission for three months! Serving a mission is an amazing opportunity. I have the privilage of seeing lives change, and am in the ideal enviornment to develop my own desires and figure out who I am. One of the best parts of being on a mission is seeing the Gospel touch people's lives. We've been teaching a less-active member who is trying to return to activity. The lessons we have had with her have been amazing. I admire her a lot. She sought us out because she didn't feel that she knew enough about the gospel and didn't feel that she had a testimony. But as we've been able to study with her, we've seen her progress and feel the Spirit. It's amazing to see the progression she is making.
Daily prayer and scripture study are the keys to having a better day. If you start your day with those things, you will have the Spirit in greater measure. That influence will make it easier to deal with the challenges and struggles of daily life. I can promise that! Read/Listen to Richard G. Scott's talk from this last conference. It gives four simple steps to finding peace in your life. Check it out. It's good.
I love you all! Thanks for everyone that has written me. Sorry if I havn't responded yet. I'm getting to it.
Love, Elder Plehn

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