Monday, November 17, 2014


Hey Everyone!

I'm being transferred! I'm headed to Pasco. I'm not quite sure how to spell my new companions' (That's right. Tri-panionship) names, so I'll get them to you all next week. I'm excited to go, but I'm really, really going to miss my area. I've loved it here. I've met a lot of awesome ward members, and we've had some incredible investigators. It's going to be hard to adjust to a new ward. And I'm going to miss Elder Asplund. We've had a great time here. I'm also going to miss the milkshake place that's right across the street from our apartment...

What's the weather like in Utah? It's not too bad here. We were supposed to get some snow on Friday, but the storm went around us. I made a prediction a while ago for the 18th (tomorrow) but it's not looking good. ;) It's cold though. Knocking on doors in 18 degree weather is fun. :) And it's dark. Washington's further north than Utah, so it get's darker earlier. So it's completely dark by about 5:30. Which makes tracting hard. People answer the door and ask us why we're out so late when it's 6:30 at night. Maybe it will be better in Pasco where there are actually street lights. Pasco is going to be very different than Naches. There is a grand total of two traffic lights in my area. :) Pretty rural. Four towns, two traffic lights. And there's a lot more people in Pasco. :) 

Something cool I learned (relearned) this week: Everyone is a Child of God. Our Heavenly Father loves you just as much as he loves everyone else. Nothing that you could ever do will diminish His love for you. All that He wants is to live with His family again. That's pretty incredible. :)

I love you all! Thanks for everyone that has written me. It means a lot! 
Elder Plehn

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