Monday, March 7, 2016

In Jesus Christ we can find new life

This has been another crazy week! Elder Poulter and I have seen a lot of great things happen, especially with the less-active members we are working with. We also found a family to teach! At 8:40 on Monday night, we were going to drop by a returning member, and we saw a lady sitting outside smoking. As we walked up to her, she started to say that she wasn't interested and that she didn't really believe in God. We kept talking to her about her experiences with religion, and eventually her husband Ryan came outside and started talking with us. After a few minutes, Jessica (the wife) asked us if we just wanted to come inside because it was kind of cold. After we went inside, they started asking all sorts of incredible questions about tithing, and church attendance, and what it was like to be a member of the Church. We were able to answer all of their questions and testify of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are excited to continue to visit them and share with them and their four children (2 sets of twins ages 8 and 9) more about the gospel! As we were leaving the lesson Jessica told us that as we were walking up, she was starting to tell us to get off her property and that she didn't want to talk with us, but the words couldn't come out. They literally choked in her throat. 

This Sunday the Church is beginning a 2016 Easter Initiative. At the center of the Initiative with be a two minute video that testifies that in Jesus Christ we can find new life. The Initiative is going to be focused on the hashtag #Hallelujah. When the video comes out on the 13th, please share it with everyone you can! As missionaries, we have access to it on our missionary portal early, so Elder Poulter and I have been sharing it with just about everyone we talk with. We were invited to teach the High Priests group yesterday. The topic was Chapter 4 from Preach My Gospel. We shared the video after promising them that they would be prompted to think of someone they could help as the watched it, and invited each of them to act on the prompting. It was a great experience.

ZLC and Zone Council were both great experiences as well. As Elder Poulter and I planned for them, we realized that we wanted the Spirit to be the teacher. Almost all of the time in both meetings was spent counseling about what we as leaders and what we as a zone could do to further the work with the members and with the Easter Initiative. As a zone, we came up with a lot of good ideas to build the member's respect. We committed the zone to spend time each day planning how they can use the #Hallelujah Initiative and how they can apply what we talked about in regards to member respect.

Today I got news that my Grandpa Dunford passed away. It was expected and only a matter of time until he passed on. I am grateful that the Plan of Salvation is taught in the Church as something that is absolutely real. I know that my family with be together forever again. I am grateful that I have a loving Father in Heaven who is aware of each of His children, and has called me and so many others to share the good news with those who don't have it in their lives. 

Love, Elder Plehn

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