Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hey everyone! I'm actually here now!

I'm actually here now. It's so strange. For everyone who still thinks that because I'm in Washington, I'll see a lot of rain, you are completely wrong. The weather here is actually exactly like Utah. I'm serving in the Selah zone, in the Naches ward. My companion (Elder Schoenberger) and I got doubled in, replacing two sisters. Life seems normal already. There's nothing that I haven't gotten used to yet. My area is basically four different towns: Naches, Tieton, Cowiche, and Gleed. The ward here is awesome. The ward mission leader is a recently returned missionary, and he is super dedicated to missionary work. There are apple orchards everywhere. And apples are in season. They are delicious. My mom should be posting my address where ever she posts these emails. It's the mission office's address. They forward mail to me. Anyway, send me mail! I love hearing from you all! I'll have pictures next week!

Love, Elder Plehn

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