Monday, September 28, 2015

General Conference is Coming!

General Conference!!!!!! Have you ever wanted to know what God would say if he were here? Or what Moses, or Isaiah, or Nephi, or Mormon would say if they were here today? We get to find out on Saturday and Sunday! General Conference is seriously one of the best blessings that we have. We get 10 hours to listen to prophets of God. Everyday I tell people that Jesus Christ has restored His Church through a prophet and that Christ directs that Church through a living prophet. And this week, we get to hear from him and the apostles. Jesus Christ lives. He is very real, and he is very concerned about us. And me. And you. He knows each of us by name, and he has restored His Church to bless us with the fullest measure of joy we can have in this life. 

We had interviews with President Ware on Friday. Something he counseled me on really stuck with me, and I wanted to share it with everyone else. He said that we don't have to let something we do wrong in the morning negatively affect the rest of our day. We can, at any time, get on our knees, plead for forgiveness, and trust the Savior to take our burdens from us. It takes work, and it takes a willingness to change and repent, but it is possible, and it can change our lives. 

Elder Plehn

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